It’s Been a Year Already!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Rosco’s paralysis.  I remember the day it happened as though it were yesterday.  In a matter of seconds, our lives would change drastically.  We have both adapted well to such a dramatic turn of events.  We have also learned a lot along the way.

Rosco has learned that when I put his harness on, we are going for a ride in the truck.  He has learned that I have to move my truck closer to the door and then I’ll come back and load him up.  He also watches to see if his wheelchair goes in the back of the truck.  That means we’re going for a walk or hike somewhere.  He has learned that when he flips himself over in his wheelchair (which doesn’t happen often) I’ll be there to help him up.  He has learned to upright his front half while I upright his back half.  He has learned that when I say, “I’ve got ya”, that I’m supporting him in some way so that we can proceed with whatever it is we are doing.  He has learned that when I count to three that we go on three, whether it’s jumping into the truck or crossing the street.

Rosco 20170311 3026_

I have learned more about dog anatomy than I ever thought I’d need to know.  I have to assist him with his bodily functions since he has no muscle control in his lower back and back legs.  I’ve learned about bladder infections and bowel infections.  I’ve learned to notice the smell of blood when a bowel infection begins.  I’ve learned to better read his cues when he lets me know he’s hungry or distressed or simply wanting to go sleep on mama’s bed.  I have learned to have much more patience than I’ve ever needed.  I’ve also learned that my dog now trusts me and depends on me more than ever.

Hiking isn’t as simple as it used to be.  Now I have to make sure the trails are wide enough and not rough enough to turn his wheelchair over.  We can’t simply cross streams or rocky terrain any more.  Whenever I plan a hike, I basically have to make sure it’s wheelchair accessible so I know Rosco can make it.


We’ve been walking every day again.  We’re now up to two miles a day.  He loves walking in the neighborhood and the kids always come up to pet him and ask questions.  When we walk on the shared access trails around town, people have mixed reactions.  Some people look at Rosco as if he’s some freak and have actually made comments about how he’s disgusting when they see he wears a doggie diaper.  Others come up to pet him, ask what happened and say how lucky he is.  They are the ones who take a moment to meet him and remark about what a good dog he is and how he seems very happy.  I often think the former group of people probably respond to disabled people in much the same way they respond to Rosco.  Some people have told me I’m crazy or overly attached to do the things I do for him.

It has been a little bit of a rough year, learning all the things we had to learn; but we have both learned quite a bit.  We are both very happy and that’s what matters most.



~ by unknown2neone on May 21, 2017.

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