My Best Bud

This has definitely been a rough summer for me and my fur baby.  Rosco will be 8 in January and has always been healthy, full of energy, and a wonderful companion.  I can honestly say he is the smartest and best-tempered dog I’ve ever had.  He’s a lab/Great Dane mix and seems to have the best traits of both breeds.

In May, he was stricken with FCE.   A piece of cartilage broke off in his spine and lodged in the spinal column, rendering him paralyzed from about the waist down.  He has no use of his back legs, and is incontinent.  Initially, we were both in a state of confusion:  he was trying to understand why he couldn’t walk and I was trying to learn how to care for him and keep him healthy.  It has taken several months, but we have both adjusted and learned new routines.

People of varying opinions because of the work involved in caring for him.  I often hear people say how lucky he is to have me or how they could never do it (or wouldn’t).  He’s not in any pain and once he adjusted, his personality began to show through again.  He has a wheelchair so we can go walking.  Hiking is a little more difficult because I have to make sure trails are wide enough to accommodate him.  My living room is decorated with doggie beds so he can lie down in different areas since he often likes to lie near me.  One dog bed serves as our “changing mat”–he will actually lie on it and whimper when he can feel he has to potty.  (He can feel it coming but can’t control it so I have to help him.)

When we are out and about in his wheel chair, most people will stop to ask what happened to him and ask to pet him.  Of course, he’s Mr. Social Butterfly and is always open to getting pats and hugs and kisses.  Kids are often fascinated by him as are most adults.  I’ve also had people look at him with disgust.  I imagine they do the same thing to people in wheelchairs.  I know he’s “just a dog” to some, but I still find that offensive.

While some things have changed, many things haven’t.  He still goes along for the ride when I run errands.  He comes with me when I take road trips or chase the aurora.  He’s my best friend; and as long as he’s not in any pain, we are still going to enjoy this life together.  He will always be my sweet baby boy.rosco-walk


~ by unknown2neone on October 30, 2016.

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