Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

I find it rather amusing when someone (namely a boyfriend) gets all bent out of shape when you call them on their shit.  You catch him at his game, call him on it, and you’re the bad guy or mean or bitchy.  It gets even more amusing when they try to make you out to be something you aren’t.

I called someone out on some stupid childish BS that he pulled.  Ever since, he’s made me out to be the bad one in this ordeal.  Yes, I was po’d when I called him out.  He asked for it though.  I had been lied to and misled for months.  I had point-blank asked about certain things and he flat out lied to me.  If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s a liar.  When I discover I’ve been lied to, I can become the most sharp-tongued, cold-hearted bitch you’ll ever know–and I won’t care.  I even warn a potential partner about this.  I don’t want it to be a surprise.

I won’t accuse you of a lie.  I’ll wait til you tell enough that you hang yourself with your own noose.  Once hung, I’ll watch you swing in that noose while I fire off every little lie you told.  If that makes me a bad person, then so be it.  I really couldn’t care less.  Once I’m over that short spell of anger, I’m done with the liar.  Forever.

I’ve been called unforgiving for that particular trait.  I’m not unforgiving by any means.  I just don’t allow myself to be a doormat and fed a constant load of crap.  I’m one of the kindest people a person could know until that person crosses me.  Once I’ve been crossed, that person no longer exists in my world.  Simple as that.  Hatred, bitterness, meanness….these things will eat a person alive from the inside out.  They cause stress and wear a person down.

By putting that person out of my world, those stressors are eliminated.  I can see that person on the street and look right through them.  I won’t acknowledge their existence.  It drives them crazy.  It amuses me even more when people come back and tell me things that person has been saying even after a significant amount of time passes.  I just smile and say, “Well, he dumped me for what he thought was better.  Funny how he’s still looking for that something better.  I’m quite content in my life and don’t feel the need to find someone.”  And I honestly don’t.  If I allow someone into my life, it’s because I want them there, not need them.  And if I choose to disallow them into my life, it’s because they didn’t deserve to be there in the first place.

So to the guy who continues to think of me, I’d like to say thanks for thinking of me so much.  I hadn’t thought of you once until someone brought you up.  Funny how that works.


~ by unknown2neone on August 19, 2016.

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