Changes in the Wind

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Usually, my life just rolls along at a nice, even pace.  And then, every once in awhile, everything seems to blow up and life is running at a whirlwind pace.  I’m in that whirlwind at the moment.  Fortunately, I’m somewhat in control of the whirlwind and I’m able to juggle the many changes that are occurring.

One major change I’m making is to quit smoking.  I’ve smoked since I was about 17 years old.  I decided that it’s an expensive and unhealthy habit, not to mention smelly, that I desperately need to break.  I was smoking a pack a day and I’ve now weaned myself down to two a day.  I expect to be completely rid of the habit in a couple more days-basically, when I’ve smoked the last one.  I feel so much better, and I’ve also noticed that those two cigarettes that I smoke now are no longer appealing to me like they used to be.

I’ve finally shaken the idiot who dumped me for being “too nice”.  At least I think I have.  He wanted to remain friends, but I have a hard time being friendly toward people who lie to me or think I’m too stupid to figure out what’s going on.  We had a long conversation a few days ago which pretty much ended with me telling him to fuck off in as lady-like a way as I could.  Sometimes, you just have to go into bitch mode to drive the point home.  I don’t like being pushed to that point, but treating me like I’m just too ignorant to figure you out tends to put me in just that mode.  So, that problem is dealt with and gone.

Then my landlord decided to raise my rent 25% so she could start remodeling one of the downstairs apartments.  It ticked me off because I’ve got a broken window that has yet to be replaced.  It was broken when I moved in 5 years ago.  The replacement window was purchased last year and is still sitting in the laundry room.  The next door neighbor is supposed to be the maintenance man around here; however, all he manages to maintain is the dent in the couch where his butt is planted 24/7.  He has managed to bring this place down to being an eyesore in the neighborhood which is rather embarrassing.

When I received a 30-day notice of the rent increase, I promptly started looking for a new place.  It took me less than a week to find a much nicer place for the same amount of rent.  The new place includes my own washer and dryer which thrilled me to no end.  It’s a 2-story townhouse and the grounds are clean and free of garbage–something else that thrilled me to no end.  I love the floor plan and can’t wait to get moved in.  The only thing I may not be too happy with is that the kitchen is pretty small.  I’ll deal with that when I get in there, though.  All I’m concerned with now is getting my stuff packed up and ready to go.  I don’t want to be packing at the last minute.  It’s so much easier to have it all done and ready to go come the day of the move.

Life is going to be so much better soon.  I can’t wait to turn the page and start a new chapter!


~ by unknown2neone on October 8, 2015.

3 Responses to “Changes in the Wind”

  1. Cogratulations! And all the best 🙂

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